How to start earning money with affiliate marketing

Affiliate means you promote a  product or service by sharing a link. You earn a commission when someone buys the product by clicking on your link. Commission can range from 2% to 100%

Affiliate marketing is major source of income for bloggers. Let’s see how it works. If you have shared referral links from airbnb, uber, paypal with your friends then you already have done affiliate marketing.

There are 2 main types of things you can market.

Virtual Products

These are mostly in form of products like training, consulting, online services, software etc. They offer the highest commission. Some of the affiliate networks.


Physical Products

These are actual physical products like fashion, electronics etc. Commission mostly is not more than 15%.  These are mass consumption items which account for major portion of sales.

How does affiliate marketing work ?

If you just start posting links on social media or search engines, the chances of anyone clicking on those links is small because most people do not like ads.  Even you may have an ad blocker in your browser.

You need to build a loyal audience who will interact with you. This is where a Blog comes in.  With a Blog if you follow a system then you can make a good amount of money.

The best affiliate networks also have many rules and restrictions.  For example you must have an audience related to the product you are promoting. A blog will help you get entry to these affiliate programs.

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Must have affiliate model


The most profitable model is when you can make a lot of new sale offers to your existing customers. 

If you need new customers every time to make a sale, then it is like digging a well every time you need water.

But if the customer keeps on buying from you, then you have laid a pipeline from which money will flow constantly. 

Basics of Blogging

Your entire blog should be focused on 1 concept or category. You should not mix different types of topics in one Blog. Then it is time to promote your content. 

Best of Luck.

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