Best mlm company in India

Best mlm company in India for you is one which you gives you right payout for your hard work and efforts. Where there is money there is honey.

MLM Distribution Calculation

Now how much payout you get depends upon the company plan. Every company says that they have 5 income or 7 income. Car fund, house fund, this fund and that fund.

But the actual money you get depends on how much the company distributes from their turnover. MLM companies have complex system of BV and PV for calculating money.

But you should not get confused by that system. You simply have to ask if company is making 100 rupees in sales then how much does the distributor get.

Distribution range is usually between 15% to 40%.

For example if it is 30% then for every 100 rupees in sale you will get Rs 30 as income.

Mlm companies divide this Rs 30 into multiple levels called incomes like bonus, car fund house fund etc. To get each income you have to qualify for that level. 

Qualify means you have to sponsor other distributors under you and they must have required sales turnover.

Foreign companies vs Indian companies

Till now except some exceptions like amway, foreign companies have not been successful in India. Their pricing is too expensive for majority of Indian consumers.

In mlm big income can only come if your network is big. Only high income customers can buy foreign company products. Most of them will buy but not build network.

Why will they leave aside their high profile job and give time to direct selling ?

Before you join any network marketing firm understand how much of their turnover company is allocating to distributor and what are the conditions required to get full amount company distributes.

The mlm company I recommend distributes 38.75% of their turnover, and you get the entire sum by giving 300K turnover. If you would like to know more click on the image below.

So far we have looked at only the most important factor that is payout. But there are 4 more factors you should know to find out the best mlm company in India

Company profile

If company is not right there is risk they will not be able to manage the network. Either they will increase price of the product, or reduce the payout to distributors.

Now here I am only talking about product based company. Stay away from investment companies which ask you to invest money with them in any scheme.

Quality and Vision

Just because toothpaste is selling in market, mlm company should not say here sell my toothpaste also for Rs 500. There should be proper identification of the needs of the market.

Also the product should be something which has repurchase value. I see mlm companies selling holiday packages or suits.

How many suits can you wear or how many times can you go on holidays in a year. Mlm business is all about turnover.

Does the company give high value sales targets to achieve

Do not join a company giving high targets of sales to be made. Because it is better to join a firm which gives salary and incentives. You should enjoy the process and not be stressed about meeting the target every month.

Does the company have good education system

When you are new you will need a lot of support in terms of knowing how to develop your network, procedures of the company, product knowledge, customer support, etc.

Also every distributor who joins under you also needs education otherwise he will not be able to succeed. Make sure that your mlm firm has good education and training system.