Low cost business setups in India

Business Ideas In India with Low investment

Are you not getting a job or tired of your job ? I will suggest you to choose a suitable business among the list of top ideas.

Running a business is a long-term commitment, hence choosing an appropriate business for yourself is important to reduce your chances of loss or failure.

Offline Model :

These business ideas in India have to involve activities in the real world. You cannot do it by just using a computer. When selecting this type of business, always go for something which cannot be done online.

For example online pharmacies like 1mg and Medlife started which offered 20% discount on medicines. This impacted the business of pharmacy stores in major cities.

Packing and moving services:  The packers and movers service provider gives end to end packing and shifting services of household goods from one place to another.

It also includes disassembling, loading, transportation with insurance, unloading, unpacking and rearranging.

As a provider of packing and moving services, you must keep the following things in mind- overall quality of service, safety of goods, punctuality, commitment to deliver on time and clear-cut communications without any hidden agendas.

Catering Business: You don’t necessarily require a separate space for starting a catering business. You can start and manage it all from your own house itself.

It is the quality of your food that matters the most in this business.

Hence, if you provide quality product then individuals and organisations will definitely be happy to hire you.

Fitness Trainer: If you are a fitness freak and possess some business skills, you can choose to become a personal fitness trainer.

Getting a professional qualification in fitness training is not very expensive and once you are qualified, you can make enough money through this business.

Wedding Planner: By becoming a host of all the ceremonies in a wedding, you can earn a good amount of money.

Wedding planning and earning through this business completely depends on the factors like your client, experience, your service towards your customers, your creativity and management skills etc.

Mobile phone repair/ accessories/ recharge shop:  You can start up your own mobile repair and accessories shop which is a proven model.

It does not matter in which place you are, everyone goes to a mobile phone repairing shop. For those who have little or no business experience can probably choose this option.

Pet care Are you an animal lover? Maybe you would love to start a business that lets you spend a lot of time with dogs or cats or all different types of animals.

If so, a pet care business might be the perfect choice for you. When pet owners go on vacations, they often need to find a sitter or boarder for their pets. 

You can run a pet sitting business as a kennel operation with people bringing their pets to you and dropping them off. But you can also go to people’s homes and look after their pets’ needs.

Caregiver service: For this work, you will have to be genuinely affectionate towards the elderlies. Caregiver service or in-home care is a growing field with two types of facilities- medical and non-medical.

Caregivers help senior citizens with daily activities like grocery shopping, grooming, meal preparation and other household works.

Homemade chocolates: In case you are keen on beginning a homemade chocolates business, then you are likely to make a good amount of money through this.

However, before starting with this business, analyse the competitors around you and make sure you can provide better products than them. You can also take your business online for more customers.

Chips and wafers: Chips and wafers market is huge, so before entering into this field please do some competitive analysis. Starting a small-scale business will be more beneficial.

You can set up a local shop and get bulk orders for parties, restaurants, hotels, event and sell it to other local shops and departmental stores as well under your own brand.

Investment will be around 3 to 4 lakhs on all the machines. You will also require some licences for the start-up.

Yoga Classes- Yoga is getting widely popular and yoga trainers are in demand more than ever. A business that will help you in gaining your health as well as wealth. 

Your first step should be to obtain certification as an instructor from a well-known institution. Then you must decide whether you have to start your own business or link up with a yoga studio and give classes there. 

You need to determine what type of yoga you’re going to teach. Finally, promote your business and try to build a loyal customer base.

Bakery- If you enjoy baking, and your friends and family compliment you on your baked goods, consider starting an bakery business.

Offer traditional baked goods such as breads, cakes, cookies and pastries or special items such as birthday cakes, gluten-free or sugar-free products.

You can start this business in location with low rent. It need not be in main commercial area where rents are high. You can find customers online by registering on zomato and swiggy and also by building your website on shopify.

Bakery involves low investment and convenience along with quality products to the customers who lack the time or skills to prepare delicious dessert and fresh snack food items.

Business Ideas in India – Online Model: 

With the availability of modern technologies, there is a vast range of business ideas in India available online that can help you in making your business choice. The most common and most profitable ones are listed below:

Content Writing- We know that marketing is involved with any business. Especially the ones which provide services and not products require more efficient marketing than the others.

Content writers are highly in demand by the companies these days to gather more audience and advertise their services and products online.

App Development- With increasing number of companies, there is increase in demand of apps in the market. Therefore, app development is one of the profitable business that you can choose.

Also, investment in this field has lowered with time, hence it is very affordable for anyone to become an app developer.

Graphic Designing- Graphic designing business is often underestimated but it is the need of every company.

A design can bring significant benefits in business through visual communication. Demand of graphic designer is increasing drastically and will keep increasing in future.  

Blogging- Blogging is a suitable career choice for any age group, be it an educated home-maker who can’t/doesn’t want to go out to work but wants financial stability by staying at home or a retired Professional.

Someone who stills wants to share his knowledge and experience to the mass. It also provides opportunity to the students who wants to earn while learning to meet their expenses.

Video Editing- A video editor’s job is to modify a raw video shoot into a single refined piece of video with appropriate visual and sound effects.

Although being an uncommon business idea, a creative and experienced video editor can earn up to INR 25,000 to INR 75,000 per month.

Social Media Manager- Various companies, especially start-ups and social media influencers hire managers to handle their social media accounts to engage their audience online. You can make use of your knowledge and skills in social media for making money. 

You will be in charge of some of the tasks like creating content, sharing it on your social media accounts, scheduling posts, engaging with the followers, analysing statistics and reports etc. Sites like Upwork helps you find these types of opportunities.

Virtual Assistant:  If you want to have the freedom to choose where you work, who you work with, how many hours you work and the type of tasks you do, then you may start a virtual assistant business.

A virtual assistant (also called a virtual office assistant or simply VA) is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office.

Some of the skills needed to be a virtual assistant are

1) Superior organizational skills: VAs have to be organized to keep track of assignments for different clients.

2) Communication skills: Since they work remotely, VAs have to be adept at communicating.

3) Computer skills: Most VA tasks require the use of a computer, so one must have proficiency in technical skills.

Network marketing: Network marketing business is a very popular part-time business idea, especially common among home-makers in India.

Amway and Oriflame are some widely known companies that fall under the category of network marketing.

You gain commission by selling the company’s products to your networks, that is, your family, friends and other contacts. With low investment and consistent involvement, you can make good amount of money.

Airbnb- It is a completely home-based business idea where you can rent your spare rooms and furnishings to tourists and travellers. Another benefit is, it is a very friendly business where you get to meet new people quite frequently.

If you are a person who love to make new friends, this business is definitely your type. You must provide basic facilities to the visitors.

I am sure the above business ideas in India will have recharged your mind and given inspiration. India has population of 130 crores and it is not possible for every one to get job.

Starting a low cost business is the right way to earn a decent living for yourself. Best of luck.