Callify App review – automate calls

Calling candidates is essential part of any Hr recruitment process. If you are head of any hiring agency then hiring right recruiters would be very important to you.

What if I tell you there is a tool by which you could call 100 candidates in 10 minutes, and get the 12 or 15 candidates who are interested?

The best part is the number of candidates I could call in few minutes. If I was doing it manually it would have taken me days and some other firm would have done placement before me.

How this tool can significantly increase your revenue:

  1. Get a shortlist of interested candidates in 15 minutes, instead of calling a long list of candidates for hours and getting not interested answers.
  2. Callify increases the number of positions you can work on in a given time. Which means more placements and more revenue.
  3. Callify is scalable, which means as the requirement goes down you can reduce its use, in comparison to using telecallers whose salary has to be paid irrespective of work done.

Is there any limitation of Callify ?

The only drawback I feel is that job role, has to be properly explained. If you make a mistake then the recorded message will be played to all candidates.

This can be easily corrected by calling a small sample size. Once you are satisfied you can send to your entire list.

If you are interested in buying a trial package of Callify or want more info, kindly contact me.

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