Is it time to move on from email with chat marketing

Chat messages have much higher open and ctr ratios than email. Almost everyone has started email marketing, and emails are now getting filtered by customers. Chat marketing is still new and messages get read.

If you can build chatbots for clients there is good money to be made, or you can use them for affiliate marketing. In this post learn how to build chatbots for free.

For finding clients best way is to search for small business in your city who have facebook pages or websites. You can bundle content services with the chatbot to earn recurring income.

But first let us understand chatbots better. You’ve probably seen chatbots in action,  on all sorts of websites. At first, you might think you’re talking to a real person.

Usually, a popup appears with a picture of an agent, along with a name. The “agent” asks something like, “May I help you with anything?” Or, “Do you have any questions?”

These chatbots run using basic artificial intelligence algorithms.

Benefits of Chatbots

Chatbots are very useful for a lot of different applications—from simple user contact, to answering questions, and even helping the sales process along.

One of the biggest benefits of using Chatbots is that you can have fewer actual employees, because chatbots can take care of a lot of issues that might take up time from paid employees. 

Drawbacks of Chatbots

The biggest drawback is that artificial intelligence, no matter how advanced it may be, is not yet at the level that can replace actual humans.

This inevitably leads to failure to help customers sometimes, which may end up frustrating the user enough that they leave your site. This is rare, but it can happen.

Survey Response

Studies have shown that 51% of people believe a business should be available for customer support 24/7. 

45.8% of people would rather contact a company through messaging than through email. They know email can be slow.

 49.5 would rather contact a company through messaging than telephone.

The Chat Bot Revolution – Build chatbot for Free

If your company takes 12 hours to answer an email, and your competitor answers a simple question at two o’clock in the morning , whom do you think they will buy from?

Whom would they feel most loyal to? The bottom line is that people want chatbots.

They save them time and frustration, and in return, it saves you time and money. It’s a win -win situation.

Ways to Use Chatbots

Let’s take a look at a few ways chatbots can benefit your business.

Content Delivery

Websites such as CNN are sending interesting articles to visitors through messaging apps.

This allows companies to reach readers even if those readers aren’t coming to their site daily.

The Chat Bot Revolution -Build chatbot for Free

Making Sales

Companies like Dominos and Taco Bell are making use of chatbot technology by allowing customers to make purchases directly through their bots via text message or platforms like Facebook Messenger.

Customer Service

The most common use for chatbots is for general customer service, such as answering basic questions, making suggestions, directing problems to appropriate departments, and more.

User Experience

Chatbots can improve user experience, too. Customers love getting an answer in seconds without having to wait on hold for a live person or sending an email and waiting hours or days for a response.


How to build your own chatbot

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