Is Hostgator still competitive with the new startups offering hosting

Is Hostgator still competitive with the new startups offering hosting

Hostgator review according to my experience. There are free blog hosting services like Blogger from Google.  I do not recommend it if you want to run the Blog as a business and make money.

If you are a subscriber of my Blog Hero newsletter you will find that I recommend Trial Hostgator account for starting a blog.

WordPress vs Blogger Hosting

–You do not own your website, and google can bring any rule in future which is against your interest.

–If you want to add custom software you cannot do it in Blogger, making designing and marketing very difficult.

–Customers realize that you are using free service and will not take you seriously. 

The only time I recommend free Blogger service is when you just want to write as a hobby

For WordPress account you will need your own web hosting server.

There are a number of web hosting companies which offer a good quality of service and customer support. Searching for the number 1 web hosting company is futile as almost everyone will say they are the number 1.

Hosting factors to look before buying.

Uptime - All features are useless if your website goes offline frequently. The uptime provided by the host should be above 99.95%

Loading Time -Market research has found that if your website takes more than 5 seconds to load, then you are going to lose more than 65% of your visitors. Even Google will penalize you for slow loading time.

Quality of support - provided by the company when you face technical problems. What is the use of cheap plans if you have to hire expensive outside help.

Concurrent visitors supported - Many providers say unlimited bandwidth but once a few hundred visitors start visiting your site, it is not able to support and goes offline. 

Also, remember to keep your domain name provider and web hosting provider separate. That way if you are not happy with your web hosting provider then you can easily change your web hosting company.

For domain names I use

Hostgator Review – Key points.

Hostgator is with you at every step.  Professional staff assists you 24/7/365 with any aspect of your experience. you can connect with phone, email, chat etc.

If you do not have coding knowledge then it is very much possible you will do some mistake causing your site to crash or become unstable. That is why you need proper support from technical team.

Many providers give you very cheap plans but are not available when you need support, because they cannot afford to hire technical staff.

HostGator has the below features.

45 days money back guarantee. 99.99% uptime guarantee. Servers located in USA.

One of my personal site is hosted on Hostgator.

Get Hostgator Trial

Cloud Hosting vs Shared hosting.

The cheapest hosting plans of Hostgator is on shared hosting.  Once the traffic to your blog starts increasing beyond a certain limit you will have to upgrade your plan.

With cloud hosting you can increase server strength with one click —no need for data migrations,  or downtime. This is not possible with basic shared hosting. 

Protip- Go for short duration plans of 1 year if you are buying shared hosting. It will help you save money.

Get Hostgator Trial

45 Days MONEY BACK Offer

If you are not completely satisfied with Hostgator services within the first 45 days of your service, you will be given a full refund of the contract amount*

 *Check the latest terms and conditions before buying.

Hostgator Hosting

If you are just getting started in blogging then hostgator shared hosting is enough for your needs.

SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround scores high on all the factors I mentioned like uptime, load time, support and concurrent visitors. 

If you are confident of getting good traffic then I recommend Site Ground.

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