how and where to invest

how and where to invest the money in India.

How and where to invest money is the most important question of your life. If you find the right answer it would mean a peaceful, and enjoyable life. The wrong answer would lead you to living a life filled with tension, making compromises for yourself and your family.

What if I told you there is an investment which can give you interest of 10% every year and the interest increases every year. In this investment there is no risk of government reducing interest rates, or the stock market crashing.

I purchased a flat in Mira road which is in Mumbai, India in the year 2008. The cost was Rs 15,25,000 taxes included. The price of this flat in 2020 is 60,00,000.

If I give it on rent I will get Rs 15000 every month which comes to Rs 1,80,000 every year. This rent will increase every year. 

Real estate vs Other investments

So no matter I want to sell it or give it out on rent I am assured of very good return on my investment beating returns from insurance, bank fixed deposits or even gold.

The only thing that comes close is equity mutual funds. But here you never know when there will be recession. 2008 markets crashed because of banking crisis. 2020 it was because of corona virus. In between there were many ups and downs.

Also equity mutual funds cannot give you interest like I can get rent of 15K every month. All you will get is a miserly 1 or 2 % dividend.

The trick with my strategy is to buy cheap and wait for rents to rise. And then you have a chicken that will lay golden eggs.

I wish I had at least 10 million rupees back then and now I would have a real estate empire and early retirement from work. I would have been in a beach on Goa writing this article.

Where to invest money in India

If you have a capital of 15 to 30 lakh right now and are searching for how and where to invest I would suggest you to look at areas beyond Mira road.

Naigaon  has good promise to become the next Mira road. In every major city of India there is good potential if you are willing to look at the outskirts. Home loan emi rates in 2020 are low and may go down further.

India in the next 25 years is going to be one of the biggest economy of the world. With the government spending heavily on smart cities and urban development, real estate can give you the best return and passive income.

In Naigaon I would recommend Sunteck maxx world, by one of the best real estate companies in India Sunteck.

how and where to invest the money in India

This project is 5 minutes drive from Naigaon railway station and 5 minutes by walk from Juchandra railway station on vasai road–diva-panvel route (central line)

The Proposed metro 7 will provide excellent connectivity to the city and the east west bridge – will connect naigaon east to naigaon west giving you easy access to Vasai.

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