How to start a blog for free

How to start a blog for free and make money. In this post I will explain how the blog business model can help you to earn money by creating free account in Google.

Mr Rohit Chauhan runs a equity advisory service. Last time I checked his service is priced at 14k per year. Maybe he has increased or decreased the price now. Even if he gets 500 subscribers he will earn 7 million rupees every year.

His blog adddress was hosted on blogger for free but now he has moved his site to his own paid server at

Free Blog can be created on Google Blogger. Yes you do not need a single rupee, and later in this post I have given hindi video on setup. But first you have to understand something.

The Blog model is not like opening a shop where you immediately start selling. Rohit can demand 14k per year because he has been writing about the stock market on his blog.

People read his analysis of stocks and can understand that he has the skills. They believe he can earn money for them.

This trust is what makes people to sign up.

Before you sell any product or service you first have to earn the trust and following of your future customers. To do that you have to offer content which engages them.

The advantage of the Blog model is that you do not have to leave your job and it does not take huge amounts of money.

30 minutes daily is enough to begin with.

Two major ways to make money with Blog

  1. Adsense Ads

Google will run ads on your blog and share with you the revenue. For the latest sharing percentage you can do a search on google. Last time I checked it was 51% to 68%. But Google is very strict regarding selection.

If your blog does not have decent traffic then you are not going to be selected for adsense. There are other smaller ad networks like Propeller Ads you can try.

2. Affiliate Revenue

An affiliate means you earn a commission when someone buys a product created by others acting on your recommendation. There are 2 types of things you can sell.

Virtual Products

These are mostly in form of products like training, videos, online services, software etc. They offer the highest commission. Some of the affiliate networks.

Physical Products

These are actual physical products like fashion, electronics etc. Commission mostly is not more than 15%. Customers always love to buy actual products they can use rather than some course or software.


Amazon Affiliates

Service Offerings

You can offer your own service or become a affiliate for another provider. Therefore if you are blogging about fashion you can do tie ups with fashion consultants

If you are blogging about fitness you can do tie ups with dietitians and trainers. If you are blogging about cars, you can do tie up with car dealers

How to start a blog for free video in Hindi

How to start a blog for free – Content Strategy

There are 2 models when creating content.

A – Niche Blog

Niche blog means you write content only on one topic or narrow niche. For example if it is weight loss blog then you can write only on “weight loss for mothers after pregnancy”.

Niche blog has many advantages. You are laser focused on which reader you want to attract. Also the content is of high quality and it is very easy to manage.

B – General Blog

In general blog you can write on any topic that comes to your mind under a broad category. For example my blog is based on financial topics. With this model advantage is that you have wide variety of topics you can write on.

If you are beginner most gurus on internet recommend niche blog because your readers know exactly what your blog is about and you can build a brand.