How to start a blog in India


It doesn’t really matter what degree you possess or what subjects you’ve chosen for your career, if you are good at something or if you have a flair for writing, you can definitely make a great use of it in making money.

Starting a blog in India would be one of the smoothest and most convenient online businesses one can think of. It is also one amongst the most arising online career choices in the millennials of Digital India for earning money.

Blogging is a suitable career choice for any age group, be it an educated home-maker who can’t/doesn’t want to go out to work but wants financial stability by staying at home or a retired Professional who stills wants to share his knowledge and experience to the mass.

It also provides opportunity to the students who wants to earn while learning to meet their expenses.

In the beginning, you can choose blogging as a part-time business but once it has emerged and you’ve started obtaining sufficient amount, you can also make it a full-time business.

In this article, we have brought to you the tips you must know before starting a blog. Here’s how you can start a blog in India:

  1. Discover and examine- Since you’ve landed to this page, I assume that you are in your discovery phase now. Research is the basic step for any work which you’re going to start. Do a proper research on why you want to do this and analyse whether blogging is a correct choice for you or not.
  2. The biggest misconception related to blogging is, people assume that they must possess excellent writing skills (which is usually not a primary concern unless you want to start a poet’s or writer’s blog). However, an average English-speaking Indian can also create his/her own blog related to their field of interest.
  3. You know, your readers want solutions for their problems from your real-life experience in simple understandable language and not an extravagant English monologue for which they’ll have to use dictionary every other time.
  4. Now, there are some other reasons as well why people choose blogging as career like: one can be his/her own boss, no more following others’ commands; It’s a work from anywhere job, you can do it while staying at home, at parks, restaurants, and even while travelling. Sooner or later, when you are absolutely sure about this, then only proceed further.
  5. Decide- Your next prior concern is to decide whether you want to do it just as a hobby or as a source of money. Deciding this very important before you begin because your outcome will depend on your reason. I
  6. if you just want to share your thoughts and views to the world, then you can simply begin with writing your experiences and views in your blog or you can begin with social media platforms like Instagram and Tumblr.
  7. But if your motive is earning, then show true interest in it. Imagine yourself as a service provider and the readers as consumers, now if you want to sell your services, it must be uniquely apt for them.
  8. Similarly, if you want to grab your viewer’s attention, provide them a unique and apt content which is on demand. Choose the topic wisely so that later your efforts don’t go in vain. You have to give solutions to your readers and if you’re unable to fulfill this condition, then obviously your blog won’t get much attention.
  9. Select your niche- A blog niche is a specialized subject that you wish to write on, for example- travel blog, fashion and beauty blog, health blog etc. Firstly, list out the most profitable niches and then choose amongst them the one you’re most comfortable with.
  10. I’ve curated a list of top most profitable niches that you can begin with:
  11. Marketing
  12. Travel
  13. Personal finance
  14. Lifestyle
  15. Health and fitness
  16. Frugal living (strange to know but you can actually make money by advising others on saving money.)
  17. Dating and relationships
  18. Other blogs like DIY/crafts, pets, parenting, etc.

Select a niche from the above options and choose your theme accordingly. Once you have selected your niche, move to the next step.

  • Find the best platform-A blog creation platform provides you with a CMS(content management system) where you can publish your articles or blogs. There are several paid as well as free blogging platforms available on the internet, like- WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Drupal, Wix etc.
  • Primarily, you must know what you’re looking for in a platform and must choose your blog creation platform (CMS) accordingly. Let me tell you, as a beginner, you’re looking for a handy platform that doesn’t require much knowledge of coding or other skills.
  • Lately, WordPress and Blogger are the 2 topmost blog management platforms trending in India. They are easy to use, have various features, are more flexible and have monetization options.
  • However on comparison, I got to know that WordPress self-hosted blog is more preferable than Blogger as it is more customizable, has freedom of full ownership and avail more themes and it keeps on adding other new features too.
  • Also, it has more security features and it currently hosts more than 33% of the websites available on the internet. (Here, I’m talking about where you host your own site and not which takes care of hosting for you, do not get confused between the two.)
  • Choose your blog name and web host- Nowadays, your domain name doesn’t have much impact on people until you provide them with some quality content yet you should choose a domain name that’s catchy to the viewers as well as relevant to your topic so that it can make much sense even just on hearing the name.
  • Now, what is a web host? Web hosting is a service that gives you access to websites via World Wide Web(www). A free web host is recommended only when you are not much intended for earning money and you want to write only as a hobby.
  • If you don’t want to invest your money in buying a domain name or web host, you get a free version for the same but if you’re up for a business, you should definitely go for a paid domain and web host.
  • This small investment will pay you off later and at least a little investment is needed for any business start-up. A paid domain name and web host gives you complete ownership and freedom.
  • Another reason is, you can’t fully monetize your free blogs, they are limited and can be deleted anytime by the owner because it is someone else’s web property. Always look for a “.com” domain name, if that’s not available, you can go for “.in”, “.net” or “.org”.
  • Buying a web host is not very expensive and will cost you around ₨250/month. Some of the best hosts based on my research and user’s reviews are- Bluehost, Siteground, A2Hosting, HostGator and Hostinger.
  • When you’ve decided your domain name and web host, you can proceed for billing details and make an online payment. Once you’re done with the payment, you are ready to set up your blog.
  • Create your own unique content- Finally, you have created your own blog and the real race begin from here. Design your blog according to your niche, choose a favourable theme and now you can start with building your content.
  • Write your heart out, keeping in mind about the quality of your content. Don’t ever copy others’ content, your content should be absolutely original, free from grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes. Here are some pro tips that will help you to make your content better:  
  • Make a deep research on your topic before you begin to write.
  • Make bullet points of the ideas that you have in your mind.
  • Be quick in posting your ideas before you see someone else has already done that   
  • Write from your past experiences.
  • Write relatable stories or incidents.
  • Make a good use of pictures and quotes in your blog.

After completing the article, imagine yourself as a reader and read the whole article again thoroughly. Now, if you think it’s ready to post, just do it!

  • Drive traffic- Read, communicate and understand the quality of your content through your readers’ comments. Remain active in your blog and reply to your readers, you can also comment on other similar blogs to make your presence feel. By doing these small things, you can drive more traffic and gain attention.
  • Consistency in your writing can help you grow faster however being consistent doesn’t mean writing bulk of articles every day, writing 1 or 2 articles a day or in a week are enough. You can gain more traffic based on the quality of your content and not the quantity.
  • Some bloggers even earn more than a lakh per month by writing just 2 to 3 blogs per month. Therefore, it’s your content that matters rather than the amount of words you have used or number of posts you’ve uploaded.
  • Don’t forget to create these three pages in your website: About us, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.
  • Monetize your blog- Since you’ve invested in this business, now it’s time to collect your reward. However, monetizing a blog does not come that easy.

(Pro tip: As a beginner, don’t crave for money too much, you will end up losing your hope in this badly. Every business takes time to flourish) There are various ways by which you can monetize your blog:

  • Running PPC(pay per click) Ads: This advertising has developed into a strong and popular marketing channel. It allows the advertisers to pay to the bloggers when the ad is clicked through their blog. However, it requires certain terms for the publisher to follow. Google AdSense, Propeller Ads, Amazon PPC and others enable you this method for monetization but unless you have a heavy traffic in your page(100,000+ visitors), you won’t be able to make much money through this.
  • Affiliate revenue: This is among the most popular methods used by bloggers to make money. You make money via products recommendations and the sellers pay you money as a commission. This can be a source of passive income for you when you don’t have your own products to sell. Example: Amazon Affiliate, ClickBank.
  • Sponsored posts: If you have engaged a good traffic in your blog, many companies would like to feature their products in your blog for which you will be paid.
  • Sell Ad space: You can sell your Ad space directly to different companies, which will definitely make more money than Google AdSense. However, you must know how to negotiate pricing and managing other terms and conditions.

You have more available options to monetize your blog however these were the common ones.

  • Have patience – By now, you’ve put in all efforts from your side, the only important thing that you must follow next is to have patience. Be disciplined and learn to accept criticism. Always take even the negative comments in a positive way, it will enhance you to become better in your profession.
  • You will not succeed in your first attempt itself because success in this field takes time. Due to the increasing number of blogs every day, the competition is becoming very high. Hence, promote your blog on different social media platforms like Reddit, Quora, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. as much as possible.
  • The only way to achieve is to have patience and work consistently in a smart way. You can also look for some SEO(Search Engine Optimization) techniques and strategies on the internet that you can use. If you don’t see results initially, do not lose hope and all the best!