JVzoo review

Jvzoo review by David Nazareth. It’s an interesting place to buy IM software and products for cheap. But if you are not careful it would mean losing both time and money.

In any form of internet marketing like blogging or e-commerce you need to buy software apps for marketing and sales.

There are two big and well known marketplaces available to you.


  • Software is of high quality vetted by appsumo team
  • High quality support with even refunds being provided in case apps go offline.
  • Software stays for limited time and you cannot buy once time is over
  • Apps are frequently updated with new features even for free if included in deal.


  • Software available is mixture. Some cutting edge stuff along with average quality apps
  • Support is limited as they have no control over vendors once guarantee period is over
  • Software always available on jvzoo marketplace even after launch
  • Most of the apps do not receive updates without charging extra money.

jvzoo instaniche app.

InstaNiche allowed me to create Amazon affiliate sites and to also host those sites on their own servers. For one-time payment of 47 dollars. Considering that it costs something like 4 to 5 dollars per month for hosting, this was a sweet deal.

But Insta Niche website closed down before even 1 year was over. In fact I think they were waiting for paypal dispute period of 180 days to get over, because you cannot raise a complaint on paypal after 180 days.

jvoo customer support response

This is what they had to say when I raised the complaint to the product owners of InstaNiche Scam John Gibb and Mo Miah.

“We know instaniche is down through our support, but it’s not our product nor can we support it. We can not even get this back up, as we do not control the hosting at all from our end.

The owners who we partner with were not supporting or fixing the product. So we parted ways with them long ago. That is why we were giving out freebies of value to people that bought it.”

John Gibb did give me access to 2 of his products for free Video Wave and Serplify as compensation for my loss. But they were not as good as Instaniche and both of them closed down before I could use them.

The reason you have to be beware of JVZoo is that it cannot take any action against the product owners. They are only a marketplace connecting buyers and sellers.

jvzoo lifetime offers

Even though almost all the products on JVZoo come with lifetime offer, the vendors are not as well funded as those on appsumo.

Vendors make the bulk of the money during launch by selling it cheap and once the money tap dries up most likely support for the product also stops. Then they launch the next shiny toy.

You should not buy a product which you are not going to use immediately. Most of the time we are wowed by the sales page and think we are going to use it in future.

What’s more likely to happen is, it will stay ignored and the app website will shutdown

In case you want to buy any app, then do a careful analysis whether the seller has a good reputation.

You can know about this by doing a google search on the vendor name or app. Check out the price of competing, products on the internet.

For example, you can get landing page builders on JVZoo for a one-time payment, but tools like unbounce.com and leadpages.net charge monthly fees.

Obviously, the ability to support the product is going to be restricted for the JVZoo seller.