Should you use seo or social media for traffic

Some Trivia – Did you know that 300 + websites are started every minute worldwide. Only a handful of these sites actually make any money. Most of the blogs become a hobby for their owners to pass the time. 

If you want your blog to be successful then you want organic traffic from either Seo or Social media, ideally both. Getting traffic only from paid advertising is not sustainable.

When you start receiving free organic traffic it means you have quality content on your blog which is attracting your readers. This type of content is the secret behind successful blogs.

Search Engine Optimization

In Seo, you can optimize the content on your website so that it appears on search pages of Google. In theory you are getting unlimited free traffic searching for your product or service.

However customers rarely search beyond the first page.

According to a study, more than 67% of all clicks on Search pages go to the top five listings. Google has 90% of the market share worldwide in Search engines. 

Challenges with Seo

1. You need the right keyword research, link building and content strategy to get on first page of Google.

2. Google is now selling slots on their first page for ads, squeezing out the free space.

Protip – You should focus on finding a niche in which you can compete with your rivals


Social Media

Unlike Seo which takes a long time, you get quick results for your social media posts. Beauty, fashion, wellness, entertainment are some hot segments in which you can build fan following.

Kylie Jenner becomes youngest billionaire using social media.

Facebook currently has 65% market share worldwide. Other social media firms are Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Challenges with Social

1. The content you post has to be creative or original which is a time consuming process.

2. Making sales is tougher than Seo as consumer is not actively searching to buy.

Protip – You should focus on building your brand using social media.


The Million Dollar Question

Should you use both Social and Seo or focus on only one. My advice will be to first measure the time you can allocate. 

If you can work on both results will be faster, as once visitors come to your blog from social sites your search page ranking will rise.  

However if you are working alone and do not have time or resources, then my advice will be to focus on building a social media following.

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