What is network marketing

What is network marketing. If you were not born rich then it is a chance to live like them. Travel in luxury cars, eat in five star restaurants, have relation with beautiful people.

Network marketing industry world turnover is 193 billion dollar according to research. The top 2 nations in the world USA and China have the biggest share of this 193 billion dollars.

It is only in India that we regard this industry as bad, when it can transform the life of ordinary citizens. Some fault also lies with scams done by companies. This will now reduce as govt of India has made strict rules for this industry.

How does it work, what factors to know before joining and which company do I recommend. Read on to know more.

In this method you have to build your own network of people who consume products developed by the network company.

The money that is otherwise spent on advertising and middlemen along with the profit margin is divided among the distributors. Earning is commission based and depends on the sales achieved.

This System has made countless people millionaires who came from humble background and did not have resources to start traditional business.

Top Network marketing companies in India

1. Vestige
2. Amway
3. IMC
4. Herbalife
5. Modicare

Is this easy. Yes and no. If you are someone who enjoys meeting new people and are able to communicate your thoughts clearly then it is easy.

If you are shy and introverted then it is a little tough but not impossible. You will have to learn basics of sales and building a network.

Myths about network marketing

Network marketing is a pyramid scheme to cheat people

If the company does not have any product or service to offer and is only about investing and circulating money then it is a pyramid scheme. Government of India has now made rules to ban such companies.

Only person at the top makes money

If you are working in a company what chance do you have of becoming the director or even vice president of the company ? Network marketing give equal chance to every member to reach the same income as director or vice president of traditional company.

Network will become saturated and there will be no people left.

This argument does not work in a country like India where millions turn 18 every day. Do you know anyone living in a city who does not have refrigerator ? that does not stop companies from making new refrigerators.

Only a small percentage of people get rich in Network marketing.

Majority of those who play state level cricket never become Kohli or Dhoni. Does that mean they should never play cricket. Of the thousands of actors only one becomes Shah Rukh Khan.

Our job is to put in efforts. How successful or rich we become is in hands of God and our destiny. It is better to try and fail than never try. At least we will not have regret later of not trying.